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Innfjorden is a part of Romsdalsfjorden. The Romsdalsfjord is one of Norways cleanest fjords and has a lot of fish spices. It is registrar over 60 fish spices, the most common are cod, herring, haddok and common ling. It is 500 meter to the fjord and about 2 km to the boathouse whit fish cleaning place and places to sit.
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Tour opportunities

Whit start from the farm is many various tour opportunities. In autumn theres a lot of mushroom and berries in the forest. Old farm cottage, named Røsta lies on Bøstølen ca 10 km from the farm up in the mountains. The old farm cottages can be used free, browse around this website, by our guests.1 to 3 hours from Røsta lays 5 fresh water whit fishing opportunities and fishing boat free for use.  Well-marked tourist paths. In the winter there are ski trails.
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FiskingTop tours

Round Innfjorden lays the mountains Finnan, Hesten and Skjervan. These mountains are popular for thouse who want a bit challenge on ski. Ski runners from hole of Europe come to experience mountains whit snow, view to the fjord and marvellus nature.
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Base jumping

umping from Grisetskolten has become very popular among base jumpers around the world. It`s also a great tour for thouse who want to go down again.
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Car trip/day trips

Trollstigen             ca 30 minutes
Geiranger                   3 hours
SoppsankingAtlanterhavsvegen      2 hours
Molde                         1 hour
Ålesund                      1,5 hours

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